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Full Moon Update

Full Moon Update – 22nd February will also be the release of Chapter 2 Titled (Dead Girl Walking) #werewolf #fullmoon #newchapter #free  

07/02/16 – Brain Storming Session

G and I ventured out today to Fort Rodd Hill to explore new sites and dive into our weekly Solstice Moon brainstorming session. What better way to spark our imaginations then exploring gun batteries, underground magazines built over a century ago, as well as searchlight emplacements, command posts…and more. The B.C. coast- line plays a…

Welcome to The Solstice Moon Series

Welcome to the new Solstice Moon Series-Book blog. Every month we will be releasing new chapters and content following the story of Devon Andrews, a twenty-one year old woman with a hard and challenging past. This is a story about life, death, and rebirth. A realization that no one’s consciousness is without its regrets, that…